We offer various kind of services related to Spa and Massage. Below are some of our services.

Here you can find our Catalogue.

Body Hamam
Facial Face Beauty
Tattoo Make Up Body Wax
Hands Care Feet Care
Thermal & Cooling Gel Massage Hydro-massage & Aromatherapy
Thalassotherapy Algae & Aromatherapy
Contouring Therapy Tightening Therapy
Weight Loss Toning Tightening Therapy
Contouring Therapy Hair Treatment
Medical Oxygen Therapy Medical Pulmo-Aide ( Inhalator ) Therapy
Medical Plastic Surgery Medical Pulmo-Aide ( Inhalator ) Therapy
Medical Oxygen Therapy Medical Dental Surgery
Medical Nutrition & Diet Medical Holistic Therapy – Accupuncture

*All of our medical treatments are been accomplished with the advice of our cooperating certified doctors.

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